Proposal arrangements for int'l master students (class 2017)

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January 9, 2018

 For int’l master students (class 2017) who expect to graduate in June 2019, their thesis proposal should be submitted in July 2018. Specific arrangements are as follows:


I.   Students concerned: int’l master students of class 2017 who expect to graduate in June 2019. For the relevant requirements, please consult “Provisions for graduate degree granting of UESTC”.


II.  Evaluation method

1.      The evaluation will be held in form of report meeting, where students should present proposals with PPT in 10-15 mins. The supervisors are responsible for organizing the experts to evaluate.

2.      The evaluation group will be made up of at least three experts in the discipline or similar disciplines with titles of associate professor or above; the supervisor could attend the report meeting as observer.

3.      The deadline for evaluation: July 5 2018.

4.      For those who would not be able to attend the proposal this spring, please submit “Application for proposal delay” (see attachment) to graduate management office by May 31 2018.


III.    Evaluation process

1.      Online registration: Students log in web site: to apply for the proposal. (Please see specific steps in attachment.)

2.      Consent of supervisor: the supervisors are required to organize the proposal report meeting and then log in to grant the consent. (Students should ask the supervisor to consent after applying in GMS.)

3.      Consent of the school: after the proposal report meeting, the students should submit the hardcopy of "Master thesis proposal report"(with opinions and signatures of supervisor and three experts of the evaluation group) to School Graduate management office (Room 222, Main building, Shahe campus) by July 12, 2018.

4.          Notes: the uniform approval time of the school is July 12, 2018, which is officially recognized as the approval time for the proposals of the first half year. GMS system (Graduate management system) will automatically calculate the time, and this time will be considered as the basis for application of the thesis defense, which is usually scheduled one year after the proposal. As a result, please do complete the three previous steps by July 12, 2018.


IV.                Evaluation requirements

1.      All supervisors of int’l master students (class 2017) shall participate in the proposal evaluation.

2.      The evaluation group is responsible for arranging the meeting and informing the students of time, place and related matters.


Attention: the thesis title in GMS system should be exactly the same as the one in your final thesis; otherwise you will have to go through the Title change procedure when applying for defense.


Attachment: Master proposal attachment

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